Why Youtube Can’t Be Opened in Google Chrome

Youtube is one of the platforms that is often opened to relieve boredom. Not only as a means of entertainment, you can also search for the latest information through Youtube. Even many famous people who often hold LIVE music or talk talk through Youtube.

However, sometimes problems occur and interfere with your activities. One of them is Youtube that can not be opened in Google Chrome. Of course this can make you feel annoyed and make you uncomfortable.

Solution Why Youtube Can’t Be Opened in Google Chrome

Then actually why youtube can not be opened in Google Chrome? The main problem that occurs is the problem of internet configuration that interferes.

No need to worry, here are the steps you can take to solve the problem of Youtube that can not be opened as reported in the site bukkol dot com.

Checking your Internet Connection

The first thing you have to make sure to solve this problem is to check your internet connection. Is there a disturbing problem in your internet connection. Youtube does require a lot of internet quota. Therefore, you have to make sure that your quota and internet network are in a stable condition.

Clearing Youtube Cache and Cookies on Google Chrome

The next step you can take is to clear the cache and cookies in Google Chrome. Google chrome is one of the most used applications to do various brwonsing activities.

Cookies are one of the things that serve to remember the address so that you do not have to type the website address repeatedly. So, if you have typed the website address once then it will appear immediately.

While the cache serves to store the data as a whole. Sometimes, these caches and cookies can be the reason why one site can’t be opened including Youtube. Therefore you have to clean it. The trick is as follows.

  • Open the chrome app
  • At the top, click More
  • Then click more features and clear the junk data
  • At the top select a time range to delete data
  • Next there are the phrases “cookies and other site data” and “images and files in the cache” check the contact
  • Click clear data
  • Finished

Setting CMD

If you have done the above but Youtube still can not be opened then you can do the next thing. You can set up CMD on your PC so you can enjoy watching Youtube again easily.

This method is quite effective to solve the problem. Here are the steps.

  • First is to open CMD first by means, click start – type cmd- then open it using run as administrator
  • Once opened, type : ipconfig/fushdns and click enter
  • Then type again ipconfig/renew
  • Then lastly you have to type ipconfig/registerdns and then click enter
  • Done you can check if everything is correct and Youtube can be reopened

Chrome Updates

The next way you can do this is to update the app. It could be that the application used is too long so it can not open various websites properly. Chrome updates can be used to improve stability and improve chrome performance.

How, you already know the reason and the reason why Youtube can not be opened. Then after you have done everything, you can go back to doing various activities such as downloading youtube without software. Please try various things that you can do and hopefully your problem is quickly resolved.

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