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Saudi Arabia Banks

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
PO Box 2992
Riyadh 11169
Tel 463 3000
Telex 401734-7 MARKZY Si
Fax 463 2090/463 3292/441 1394
Activities: Issuing currency, regulating and supervising the banking sector.

Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi
PO Box 56006
Riyadh 11554
Tel 404 2222
Telex 407666 SFGM Si
Fax 4042311
Activities: Commercial banking.

Islamic Development Bank
PO Box 5925
Jeddah 21432
Tel 6361400
Telex 601137/601407 ISDB Si
Fax 6366871
Activities: Consolidation of economic development and social projects

Riyadh Bank
PO Box 22622
Riyadh 11416
Tel 40l3030
Telex 407490 RDXSJ
Fax 4041255
Activities: Commercial banking.

Saudi British Bank
PO Box 9084
Riyadh 11413
Tel 4050677 (23 lines)
Telex 402349 SABB Si
Fax 4050660
Activities: Commercial banking.

Saudi Cairo Bank
PO Box 11222
Jeddah 21453
Tel 6608820
Telex 600205 SCHO Si
Fax 6608820
Activities: Commercial banking.

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